Shure N44-G Replacement Stylus

Shure N44-G Replacement Stylus


Shure N44-G Replacement Stylus

The Shure N44-G Stylus can be characterized as the replacement stylus for the Shure M44-G cartride. Intentional or not, Shure has been building a loyal DJ customer base. This DJ customer base will be occasional users of the Shure styli and Shure Cartridges. The Shure N44-G has an oldschool look, but with the newest groundbreaking performance standards. If you are still looking around where to get new top notch cartriges and styli, look no further. It is about time that you experience the Shure products. The Shure N44-G is warm, tight and rich with a amazing high skip resistance and has been introduced as the perfect stylus for techno and house DJs.

 Shure N44G Stylus Features

  • Replacement needle for Shure M44-G phono cartridge
  • Legendary Shure durability

Approximate Weight 0.2kg

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