Denon DS1 Serato DVS Audio Interface

Denon DS1 Serato DVS Audio Interface
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Denon DS1 Serato DVS Audio Interface

Compact and feature-packed, the DS1 smashes the price/performance barrier for professional DJs

More Than You Hoped For

Throw your assumptions out the window—the DS1 is a breakthrough interface for users of Serato NoiseMap™—the system used to control a Serato-based digital music library when you’re using a turntable or CD player. The DS1 is plug-and-play with Serato DJ, extending Denon DJ’s famous audio quality and reliability to club DJs and turntablists who prefer the feel of vinyl, but still want the flexibility that a digital music library provides.

It Specializes in Hookups

At the heart of the DS1 is a bi-directional audio interface with two sets of RCA stereo inputs for turntables or professional CD players. As DJs manipulate the vinyl or CD NoiseMap signal, Serato DJ software mirrors the control signal—controlling digital tracks on-screen in real-time for beatmatching, cueing, scratching, and track juggling. Playback audio is distributed by the DS1 to a mixer or loudspeaker system in studio-grade 24-bit quality via two sets of RCA stereo outputs. In other words, connect anything you need and the DS1 will always send out a great signal—clean, clear and true to the music. 

Small. But Fierce.

Denon DJ’s DS1 is smaller than most smartphones, making it an ideal companion for the travelling DJ. The rugged, all-metal construction easily survives constant transport, setup and breakdown. A single USB cable handles power and audio duties, greatly simplifying operation. Inputs are phono/CD selectable with a grounding post for turntable use. It’s all there. You’re covered. 

All the Bases—Covered.

With its precise, dependable tracking and remarkably clear audio, the DS1 ushers in a new wave of performance for the hands-on DJ. Whether you’re using NoiseMap vinyl or optical media, the DS1 goes hard every night to eliminate the gap between that classic analog feel you’re after and the precise digital capability you demand. 

 Denon DS1 Features

Premium Digital Vinyl System (DVS) interface for Serato DJ

Interfaces turntables and CD players using Serato NoiseMap with a Serato DJ-based digital music library

Plug and play with Serato DJ and Serato DVS Expansion Pack—no purchase necessary
(2) sets of stereo RCA inputs and outputs for left and right decks

Studio-grade 24-bit digital to analog conversion

Supports 44.1kHz, 48kHz, and 96kHz sampling rates

Dedicated grounding post for use with turntable 

Single USB cable connection to a computer for power and audio

Includes (2) Serato NoiseMap control tone vinyl records and CDs

Includes USB and stereo RCA cables

Rugged, all-metal construction

Approximate Weight 8.0kg

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