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TS Pro 2 is a 4-deck DJ Software/Hardware Bundle with Timecode CDs and Vinyls for Traditional Hands-on Control

Your Total Timecode DJ System!

If you're looking for a complete Timecode CD/Vinyl DJ rig that does it all, you need the Native Instruments TRAKTOR Scratch PRO 2 bundle. The TRAKTOR Scratch PRO 2 bundle includes everything you need to DJ with both the CDs or Vinyl you love and the modern computer-DJ technology that lets you pull off crazy stunts. First, there's the TRAKTOR PRO 2 software, a continuation of one of the world's most popular 4-deck DJ platforms ever. Loaded with an impressive 4-channel mixer, mind-blowing auto beat detection, and a collection of over 30 of the most useful studio effects you could ask for, TRAKTOR PRO 2 lets perform some amazing audio gymnastics.

TRAKTOR PRO 2 also features a pair of Sample Decks, which let you resample and slice up new beats on the fly. Combined with TRAKTOR PRO 2's cuing and looping functions, Sample Decks give you nearly limitless creative possibilities. To connect your decks, external effects, microphone, and any other gear, you also get a TRAKTOR Audio 10 10-channel USB interface. Altogether, the TRAKTOR Scratch Pro 2 bundle is the totally comprehensive DJ rig you've been waiting for.

Native Instruments TRAKTOR Scratch PRO 2 Bundle Features at a Glance:

* TRAKTOR PRO 2 Software gives you the control you need

* TRAKTOR Audio 10 10-channel interface lets you hook up all your DJ gear

* 2 x timecode control vinyls and 2 x timecode control CDs with 2kHz signal ensure tightest control of digital tracks

TRAKTOR PRO 2 DJ Software:

* Industry-leading professional DJ software with 4 decks and intuitive layout

* Over 30 studio-quality performance effects, including 4 new FX, capable of syncing to track tempo

* Automatic beat detection and beat-gridding of music files plus intuitive syncing for perfect mixing

* Full-featured 4-channel software mixer with multiple EQ and filter options

* Sample Decks and innovative Loop Recorder let you edit and remix tracks live

* Included loop content makes it easy to get into the mix

* Powerful track management with Crate Flick cover art browsing and full iTunes integration

* Advanced looping and cueing functions plus 8 assignable hot cues per track

* Automatic gain control based on perceived loudness; high-quality key correction

* Directly record your set to disk with the integrated recorder supporting internal and external audio input

* Plug-and-play with all TRAKTOR controllers and audio interfaces

* Ships with mappings most DJ controllers

* Supports multiple MIDI controllers and advanced MIDI assignments, as well as the syncing of external gear through MIDI clock functionality

* Record your mix using the integrated audio recorder

* Supported Audio Formats: MP3, WAV, AIFF, Audio-CD, FLAC, Ogg Vorbis, non-DRM WMA, AAC

TRAKTOR Audio 10 USB DJ Interface:

* Professional DJ audio interface with studio-grade sound quality

* 10 inputs and outputs, including 4 phono preamps to connect your turntables, plus a mic preamp

* Extra-loud output levels pack enough punch to rock the biggest clubs

* High-quality 24-bit/96kHz Cirrus Logic AD/DA converters

* Compact dimensions with sturdy metal casing for heavy duty feel

* Low latency Mac and PC drivers for tightest possible response

* 25 status LEDs for visual monitoring of signal chain in challenging club environments

* Direct Thru mode allows for use without computer (power supply included)

* Compatible with virtually all DJ, performance, and audio software

* Includes TRAKTOR LE 2 DJ software with TRAKTOR 2 technology inside

Get the hands-on control plus the options you need, with the Native Instruments TRAKTOR Scratch PRO 2 bundle!

Approximate Weight 8.0kg

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