Rane Serato SL2 Digital Interface | Compatible with Serato DJ

Rane Serato SL2 Digital Interface | Compatible with Serato DJ
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Rane Serato SL2 Digital Interface | Compatible with Serato DJ

The Rane Serato SL2 digital interface was introduced by Rane at the 2011 MusikMesse with its Serato Scratch Live SL2 system. With this version, they have focussed their attention on the usability, firmness and audio quality.

 Rane Serato SL2 with Interface

The total product has been offered as a package in order for you connect your turntables or CD-players instantly to your laptop. This way you can start working immediately with the timecode system. The Rane Serato SL2 interface is nice and compact, light weighted and firm. It has two stereo RCA inputs and outputs. Thanks to its compact design it is easy to stack it somewhere without somebody noticing it.

 It’s Your Choice thanks to the Timecode System

It is totally up to you if you want to use CDs or Vinyl with timecode. Because there are two timecode CDs and two timecode vynil records included. Thanks to the phono/line switch near the inputs, you can switch between the two sources.

 Rane Serato SL2 Features

  • Has inputs for two deck mixing on turntables/CD decks
  • Two software-switchable analog Thru connections for regular vinyl or CD
  • Phono preamps, and 48 kHz 24-bit audio processing for superior sound quality
  • Advanced, low latency USB 2.0 drivers
  • Built-in galvanic isolation for the elimination of computer noise and interference
  • Compact hardware for portability and simple setup
  • ASIO and Core Audio Drivers for compatibility with third-party software
  • Bus power from USB port or with optional external RS6 power supply

 Replacement vinyl, CDs and the power supply are available separately from Mix Foundation. 

 Rane Serato SL2 Setup

Serato SL2 digital interface

Serato DJ works with your traditional dj setup (turntables or cd turntables plus a mixer). Using specially coded vinyl records / CDs, a custom interface box, and the SSL software, you can manipulate music files on your computer, just as if they were recorded onto the vinyl / cd. That means you can mix and scratch your digital files just like you would a record.  In addition, there are many powerful digital features built into the software like iTunes synch, playlist functions, cue points, sampling, recording, and so much more.

 What's New With The Rane Serato SL2

- ower price from SL1
- improved sound quality (24-Bit Converters and 48 Khtz USB audio)
- more compact interface design
- upgraded to USB 2.0 from 1.1
- added internal phono preamps + grounding for turntables for mixer-less vinyl to digital transfers
- ASIO / Core Audio drivers for 3rd-party support
- eliminated mic input

Mix Foundation highly recommends Serato DJ and the Rane Serato SL2. An overwhelming majority of our customers use Serato Scratch Live or Serato DJ. It has become both the standard for bedroom DJs and professional club DJs. SSL is the most intuitive system and is truly designed with the DJ in mind.

As a company, Serato seems to be the most in touch with the DJs community. Serato continually introduce free upgrades to their software and introduce new features all the time. In addition, there is a large online support community and documentation for both beginners and advanced DJs.




Approximate Weight 8.0kg

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