Rane Serato SL3 Digital Interface | Compatible with Serato DJ

Rane Serato SL3 Digital Interface | Compatible with Serato DJ
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Rane Serato SL3 Digital Interface | Compatible with Serato DJ

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The Rane Serato SL3 is a new interface from Rane, specially designed for Scratch Live. This powerful audio interface is equipped with a pre-amplifier and 24-bits audio processors and because of this, it produces a warm but banging sound. The extra inputs will help the DJ to improve a mix and lift their mix to the next level. The combinations of CDs, vinyl, USB, MIDI and digital DJ-software creates the perfect balanced package deal. Furthermore, with the auxiliary output on the new Rane Serato SL3 interface, you are able to add an extra Scratch Live SP-6 Sample player, to make mixing even more creative and fun. Moreover, there are also two timecode CDs and two timecode vinyl records included, in order for you to start immediately with mixing your favourite audio files on your tabletops and turntables.

Rane Serato SL3 Features

  • USB 2.0 high speed audio interface
  • Improved dynamic range: 104 dB
  • Maximum audio output: 3 Vrms (hotter output)
  • 24-bit 44.1 or 48 kHz converters
  • Aux Input for Live Mix Recording or LiveFeed
  • Aux Output allows use of the Sample Player as a Virtual Deck
  • Aux Output opens the door for future expansion and creative configurations
  • High-grade phono preamps upgrade the performance of most mixers
  • Software switchable Direct Thru connections: less cable required
  • Independent Line / Phono-level selection for each input for greater flexibility
  • Galvanic isolation prevents computer noise from interfering with audio path
  • Soft carry case included

 Rane Serato SL3 Setup

Approximate Weight 8.0kg

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