Pioneer DJE-2000 Professional DJ In-Ear Headphones | Black, White

Pioneer DJE-2000 Professional DJ In-Ear Headphones | Black, White
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Pioneer DJE-2000 Professional DJ In-Ear Headphones | Black, White

Pioneer is launching the versatile DJE-2000 in-ear headphones, giving DJs a professional option for in-ear monitoring and preparing sets on the road. Available in black or white, the DJE range boasts a powerful sound across the frequencies, superior noise dampening, and secure over-ear and in-ear positions for maximum comfort.

 Pioneer DJE-2000 DJ Headphones

The Pioneer DJE-2000s are designed to give accurate sound reproduction of dance music, so DJs can audition tracks and prepare sets on their smartphone or tablet with confidence – and hear every detail. The polyurethane earbud tips ensure a snug fit and superb noise cancellation, wherever the DJ uses them. 

The Pioneer DJE-2000 feature a hybrid two-way driver system comprising a dynamic driver – with a large 9.4 mm aperture and rare earth magnets – and a balanced armature driver, to produce a rich bass and clear mid range to treble. And the over-ear structure is crafted from shape-memory resin to ensure DJs’ comfort over long periods.

The Pioneer DJE-2000s come with a durable carry case, and are built with the rigours of the road in mind. The robust, thick cables are clad in a braided textile material that prevents tangling and can be detached at the earpiece and replaced if necessary.


Pioneer DJE-2000: Features at a Glance

* Hybrid two-way driver system for superior sound quality:

   * Dynamic driver with 9.4 mm aperture and rare earth magnets for a rich bass

   * Balanced armature driver produces clear mid to high frequencies

* Secure over-ear structure uses shape-memory resin to provide excellent hold and maximum comfort

* Polyurethane earbud tips (S/M/L) ensure a snug fit and superior noise cancellation

* Highly durable, detachable cable features textile coating to reduce tangling

* Silicone earbud tips (XS/S/M/L) and triple flange earbud tips are also provided

* Available in black (DJE-2000-K) or white (DJE-2000-W)





The DJE-2000 is designed with a “hybrid” 2-way driver system for producing clear and more precise audio quality throughout the entire frequency spectrum. With the use of rare and powerful magnets for its speakers, the larger 9.4 mm driver located in the back of the earphone produces low bass frequencies with impact, while the front driver efficiently generates critical mid and high frequencies so key instrumental sounds DJs pay close attention to, such as snare drums and cymbals, are more pronounced.



The flagship model includes three Comply™ foam earphone tips (S/M/L) to provide an extremely comfortable fit as well as reduce unwanted external sounds from entering and interfering with the original music. In addition, the model also includes four silicone tips (XS/S/M/L) and one triple flanged silicone tip to accommodate different sizes of ear canals.



Pioneer provides a detachable MMCX connector for maximum versatility. The cable is applied with a special textile coating that improves durability and reduces tangling and twisting.



* Designed to be worn over-the-ear for better fit, stability, and comfort.

* Includes carrying case, cleaning brush, and1/4" stereo plug adapter.

Approximate Weight 0.2kg

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