AUDIO INNOVATE AEM-100i DJ Mixer with InnoFader Crossfader

AUDIO INNOVATE AEM-100i DJ Mixer with InnoFader Crossfader
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Audio Innovate

AUDIO INNOVATE AEM-100i DJ Mixer with InnoFader Crossfader

This is the newly updated Audio-Innovate AEM100i featuring the long-awaited Innofader and a sleek new faceplate. The third version of the Audio-Innovate AEM100i replaces the Pro X Fader with the Innofader for the most advanced crossfader performance. The Innofader is a top notch non-contact fader that boasts super smooth performance and NO BLEEDING OR CRACKING EVER with no cleaning required. As with the previous version, this mixer also features high quality built-in effects, curve adjustable up faders, and powerful 3-band EQ. A solid mixer all around and especially useful for scratch and battle DJs.

Audio-Innovate EM100i Features

The built-in effects and Innofader Crossfader are what really set this mixer apart. Firstly, there are separate effects controls for each channel, which is a step up in itself as you have to assign effects to one channel or the master on most mixers with effects. It also includes a cue to preview the effect before initializing. The effects include a white noise generator, a square oscillator with different knobs for pitch and gain, a stutter effect, digitize effect, phaser effect, and a band-pass/band-cut for high and low pass filters. The white noise generator is great when used with the oscillator, which produces striking synth effects that can be controlled by the oscillator pitch and gain knobs. The "stutter" function chops the sound in different frequencies that can range from slow to rapid. The "digitize" function effects the sound of your record so that it has a low bit feel, giving it that grungy sound, while the phaser provides classic sweeping effects. There is also a dry/wet fader controlling how much of the effect is in the mix.

As for the fader, the Innofader is setting up to be the new standard for high performance crossfaders. With smooth non-contact performance for no bleeding and cracking ever without cleaning, precision output, ultra wide range for tension adjustment, super adjustable curve and single cut-in adjustment for both sides. The fader also features an incredibly sturdy design with an 8mm stem (rather than 4mm on a lot of other faders) and long body type that will hold together for years of aggressive use with out breaking. This fader is shaping up to become the top choice for scratch and hip-hop DJs who demand long-life and smooth performance.

The standard features here are solid. It features a powerful 3 band slider EQ for each channel, capable of completely cutting out low, mid or high frequencies. Each channel is switchable between phono/line/aux, with separate RCA inputs for each on the back. The AEM100 has balanced master XLR outputs, an option which can noticeably improve your sound quality, plus standard RCA master outs, RCA booth outs and RCA record outs. The AEM100i also includes two 1/4 headphone outputs, a 1/8 headphone outputs, and two 1/4 mic inputs, and crossfader reverse switch.

The third version of the AEM100i is a great improvement on an already great mixer. With the inclusion of the Innofader and the sleek new red and black faceplate, this mixer provides a considerably better user experience for fader-heavy DJs and looks more attractive too. As for Audio Innovate mixers, we have yet to hear anything negative about them, and customers who have bought the AEM100 are very pleased with their purchase, especially the effects.

Audio-Innovate EM100i Key Features

- Innofader crossfader
- 2 channel mixer with 8 line level inputs, 2 turntable inputs, and 2 mic inputs
- 3-band EQ per channel
- knob controlled, dual effects section with individually controllable filters and sound
- balanced master XLR outs
- 1/8" and 1/4" headphone inputs 

Approximate Weight 10.0kg

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