Rane MP2015 Rotary Club Mixer | Traktor Certified & Serato DVS Ready

Rane MP2015 Rotary Club Mixer | Traktor Certified & Serato DVS Ready
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Rane MP2015 Rotary Club Mixer | Traktor Certified & Serato DVS Ready

Born from a legacy of rotary club mixers beginning in 1971, the Rane MP2015 is the best mixer produced by Rane—ever.  Now compatible with Traktor and Serato DJ.

The Rane MP2015 is a no-compromise music-mixing performance instrument. Control, sound, reliability and durability distinguish Rane’s new techno house club mixer for high-end audio systems.

Born from a legacy of rotary club mixers beginning in 1971 with Rudy Bozak’s CMA-10-2DL, on to 1982 and UREI’s 1620, then in 1999 Rane’s MP2016/XP2016 combo, and now in 2015, the Rane MP2015 represents the next revival and evolution.

With over 40 years of rotary mixer experience to draw on, along with collaboration and input from the world’s best techno house DJs, the MP2015 is the best mixer produced by Rane — ever. There are no compromises in the design. It has the best sound, the best features, the best feel, and the best reliability and durability.


This is a Serato DJ + DVS upgrade-ready mixer. To use this mixer with Serato DJ, purchase the Serato Club Kit (Serato DJ + DVS) license bundle, available from us here at Mix Foundation.


MP2015 now with Traktor and Serato DJ Compatibility

The MP2015 rotary mixer has taken the house and techno community by storm. We’re happy announce our first professional DJ mixer with DVS support from the biggest software players in the game, Traktor, Serato DJ, and Virtual DJ

The MP2015 isn’t bundled with DJ software, so the choice is yours. You can choose your favorite weapon of choice. Are you a Traktor DJ, a Serato DJ, or do you like Virtual DJ? Heck, use the MP2015 with all of them if you like, the mixer can handle it.

Not using DJ software? No problem. The dual, 24 channel sound cards within the MP2015 are perfect for studio use with Ableton Live, Maschine and other top DAWs. 


Rane Announces Traktor Certification for MP2015 Mixer

Rane is pleased to announce collaboration with Native Instruments to bring you official Traktor certification for the new Rane MP2015 rotary mixer. This incredible mixer is generating a lot of buzz on its own, but now with Traktor Scratch certification it’s about to go through the roof. This is the first Rane mixer to have Traktor Scratch certification allowing control of four Traktor decks with vinyl and/or control CDs. It is also the first Traktor Scratch certified mixer with dual USB ports; allowing easy back to back DJing and/or changeovers.

Setup is easy with the MP2015's class compliant Core Audio drivers for Mac. Windows users simply need to install an ASIO driver. The Rane MP2015's control surface is MIDI mappable to Traktor giving you software control directly on the mixing console. Although Traktor software will not be bundled with the MP2015, it is available for download from the Native Instruments website:


 Rane MP2015 Key Features

* a high end 4 channel rotary mixer

* professional high resolution sound for prisitine playback of vinyl, 24 bit master sources, and uncompressed WAV and FLACs

* studio quality phono preamps

* switchable low pass, high pass, and band pass filters on each channel

* 3 band full-kill EQ tone controls on each channel + Submix

* Submix Channel for multi-source mixing, also works as optional AUX channel

* dual USB ports for connecting to 2 computers simultaneously

* high performance mic preamp w/ selectable phantom power

* striking design with laser etched wood side panels, spun aluminum knob caps, and backlit push switches

* durable all steel chassis


Approximate Weight 0.0kg

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