Rane Sixty Four (64) USB DJ Mixer for Serato

Rane Sixty Four (64) USB DJ Mixer for Serato
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Rane Sixty Four (64) USB DJ Mixer for Serato


The Rane Sixty Four is a product from Rane, a well-known manufacturer of high-end DJ mixers. With the Sixty Four they have gone one step further. This mixer combines the quality and superior sound of the analogue world with the flexibility and mobility of software. You have control over a 4-channel analogue mixer with associated EQ and low and highcut filter. On these channels, you can set software insert which can be controlled from the mixer. Due to the analogue summing, that we normally find in top studios and the quality ADA-conversion, the quality of your signal is guaranteed. The Rane Sixty Four provides you with enough possibilities to create an amazing performance.

The Rane Sixty-Four mixer for Serato DJ is a plug-and-play 4-deck turntablist mixer with two USB ports, software controls and internal effects.

You’ve mastered mixing and scratching on two channels. Pushing the limit is in your nature and it’s time to raise the bar. The Rane Sixty-Four mixer and Serato DJ software are the tools you need to step your game up. More channels, more decks, more effects… Challenge accepted.


Mixing four channels requires a wide variety of amazing transition effects, the ability to sync tracks, more flexible CUE and Loop capability and versatile transport and mixing capability. The Rane Sixty-Four mixer and Serato DJ software provide the ultimate plug-and-play package, providing everything you need. The mixer and software will feel familiar and intuitive while providing the advanced features you require to step your game up.


 Rane Sixty Four | Integrated 22-channel Soundcard

Why so many channels? The Rane Sixty Four is able to support 4 stereo input signals and 4 stereo DVS decks, from the Serato DJ software, at the same time. At the same time, it is also possible to use a software send and return with the Serato DJ iZotope effect software. The final 2 channels can be used for recording your Main Out outpur. When you are not using the DVS decks, you can record the signals of the decks post fader. For a smooth change-over between 2 DJs at a performance, the Rane Sixty Four has been equipped with 2 USB outputs. This way you can simply allocate 1 input to 1 of the USB hubs, after which audio and MIDI can be assigned to your computer.

 Complete control with the Rane DJ Mixer

For controlling the Serato DJ software, you don’t want to be dependent on your mouse and keyboard. Luckily the Mixer has convenient controllers that have been allocated to different Serato DJ functionalities like loading tracks, scrolling, placing cue points and many more. If you are using different software, it is possible to allocate the controllers through MIDI-mapping. On the Rane Sixty Four we also find the advanced BPM meter which makes syncing your tracks a lot easier. The analogue channels are equipped with a 3-band isolator EQ and high-and lowpass filters. The indispensable precision crossfader is a noncontact feature. This way, wear is prevented even with frequently use.

Approximate Weight 8.0kg

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