Rane TTM 56S 2-Channel DJ Mixer

Rane TTM 56S 2-Channel DJ Mixer
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Rane TTM 56S 2-Channel DJ Mixer

The Rane TTM 56S is one of the top products of Rane and has been very popular throughout the years. Now the TTM 56S comes with several different and new features. The mixer provides you with the ability to operate it anywhere if you have voltage from 100 to 240 AC. The inputs (4) are all phono/line switchable at the back you it is possible to make any combination, like 4 turntables, 4 CD players or a combination. The Rane TTM 56S is a flexible DJ mixer and durable as well. So if you are performing your set live or in the studio, the TTM 56S will deliver to your needs as a DJ.

 Rane TTM 56S | Specifications

The Rane TTM 56S has been equipped with non-contact magnetic crossfader and channel faders. Due to the built in curve-translation module, the TTM 56S will easily understand what you mean with your hand movements and will translate this into accurate audio level control. Both the faders have a Reverse switch and an adjustable Contour control. With the wet and dry pan control, you will have the ultimate control over the amount of processed signal is in your mix. Channel faders and Crossfaders are linked to the effect loop since it is post-fader. Moreover, reverb and delay effects will therefore respond without cutting of tails.


  • Universal internal power supply works anywhere you can plug into 100-240 VAC
  • All four inputs are now Phono/Line switchable - plug in 4 turntables or 4 CD players, or any combination
  • Both 1/4" and 3.5 mm headphone jacks are now provided on the front
  • The Transform switches are now Kill switches
  • Operation is simplified by putting all the controls on top, increasing the width by one inch
  • Text is now readable in the dark under black light
  • The three long-lasting non-bleed magnetic faders did not change

Approximate Weight 10.0kg

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