XKEY 25-key Portable USB Keyboard Controller by CME

XKEY 25-key Portable USB Keyboard Controller by CME
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XKEY 25-key Portable USB Keyboard Controller by CME

The Xkey from CME is a 25-key Ultra-slim USB Controller Keyboard with Full Velocity Sensitivity, Polyphonic Aftertouch, Full-size Keys, and Class-compliant USB Connectivity for Most Music Creation Applications - OS X, Windows, and iOS.


 Slimmer Is Better!

If you write music, then CME's Xkey controller belongs in your mobile rig. Surrounded by a sleekly designed molded aluminum chassis, this controller is constructed similarly to a chiclet computer keyboard. The Xkey owes its extremely low profile to a key mechanism that happens to depress evenly no matter where you press on them. The end result is a freakishly slim keyboard that's only 3.6mm thick (approximately the thickness of 36 sheets of printer paper) and remarkably playable. Did we mention the keys are full sized and velocity sensitive, or that they feature polyphonic aftertouch? That's right, the CME Xkey is one serious little controller keyboard. 


 CME Xkey Ultra-slim USB Controller Keyboard at a Glance:

* Redefining "low-profile" keyboard controller

* More than playable - fun to play!

* Cross compatible and made to travel

 Redefining "low-profile" keyboard controller

We simply cannot say it clearly enough, this is one extremely slim USB keyboard controller! At an astonishing .14" thick CME's Xkey tops out the list of full-featured 25-key controllers. You could almost lose this thing in your backpack or laptop case, and if you have an iPad in a midsize carry case, the Xkey could comfortably snuggle up next to it. The only physical thing that's substantial about the the Xkey is its weight, 1.32 pounds, which is just enough to stay well rooted as you play.

 More than playable - fun to play!

Despite its unusual appearance, the CME Xkey is certainly no toy loaded with mini keys whose never-quite-right key spacing will cause your fingers to fumble. We're talking about full-sized keys set into a precision-cut aluminum chassis to provide you with comfortable key separation. That includes slightly elevated black keys you can play naturally.

The Xkey's brilliant chiclet key mechanism, which causes each key to depress evenly no matter where your finger pushes down, adds to the playability, and if you've ever enjoyed the fast response of traditional synth action, you'll positively delight in the speed of these keys. Now top it all off with 128-levels of velocity sensitivity, polyphonic aftertouch, and unique touch-sensitive pitch and modulation controls, and there's nothing average about the Xkey at all.


 Cross compatible and made to travel

What do you use to write music? A Macbook? A PC laptop? Perhaps an iPad or other tablet? It doesn't matter to the CME Xkey, whose class-compliant USB connection provides standard MIDI over USB to any music-making application you want to run. The Xkey is also 100% USB bus powered, allowing you to travel light and never worry about carting around a power supply or spare batteries.


 Xkey Features

* Ultra slim and light design

* 25 standard size keys

* Professional velocity sensitivity andpolyphonic aftertouch

* USB MIDI compliant

* PitchBend buttons with high resolution of pressure sensitivity

* Modulation button with conitnuous MIDI control data

* Octave +/- and Sustain buttons

* USB Powered

* Firmware updatable via USB, ready for new features


 Size and Weight

* Height: 5.31 inches (135mm)

* Width: 15.27 inches (388mm)

* Depth: 0.62 inches (16 mm)

* Weight: 1.32 pounds (600g)

Approximate Weight 3.0kg

* This product does not qualify for free shipping.

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