INNOFADER PRO 2 Non-Contact Crossfader

INNOFADER PRO 2 Non-Contact Crossfader

Audio Innovate

INNOFADER PRO 2 Non-Contact Crossfader

ultimate fader upgrade, fully customizable + ultra precise cuts


InnoFader Pro 2 Key Features

custom high-end scratch fader, now with even more precise control & accuracy

fits the widest range of mixers with simplified installation + calibration

advanced non-contact capacitance technology for super smooth, buttery feel

on-board curve and cut-in control

ultra precise +/-0.05mm cut-in accuracy

super precise presets allow you to shift cut points by a mere 0.04mm

tension control

long life, ultra low maintenance

8mm steel fader stem


The Innofader Pro 2 features high quality construction for advanced performance and fits the widest range of mixers (please view Audio Innovate's compatibility chart for full list). In addition, the Innofader Pro 2 has the following improvements over the original Innofader Pro:

Less mods, easier installation, better performance
Simplified Rane mixer calibration process
Ultra fast 1.2ms response time
Super precise +/- 0.05mm cut accuracy
Deep customization for the most discerning DJs


various adapter plates for a DJM-800/900, Rane TTM, Stanton, Allen & Heath mixers
various connection cables + screws
2x Fader Knobs (1x original, 1x 1.2mm higher model)
de-Oxit lube
25 cue markers, 2 vinyl labels

Approximate Weight 2.0kg

Free Shipping if your order totals $100 or more.


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