Jesse Dean Designs JDDX2RS Numark PT-01 Scratch Fader

Jesse Dean Designs JDDX2RS Numark PT-01 Scratch Fader
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Jesse Dean Designs JDDX2RS Numark PT-01 Scratch Fader

JDDX2RS is a custom fader for more ralistic scratching on the popular Numark PT01 Scratch portable turntable! 

A fader "JDDX2RS" that can be replaced with a genuine installed scratch switch section. The JDDX2RS now released from JESSE DEAN DESIGNS, who specializes in customizing DJ equipment in US California, is "exchange fader unit specialized for Numark PT 01 Scratch. It can be attached to the player body and the fader stem "Dual rail slider" which fixes with two rails (bars) has become a full-fledged mechanism adopted. This makes it possible to realize the lightness and smooth movement of the ballist without glare, and you can enjoy scratching without stress. Moreover, it is possible to cut both right and left, and it is also possible to use regular regardless of hamster style. More authentic scratch play can be enjoyed with "Numark PT 01 Scratch"!

Connection can be done with plug insertion only. When installing into the PT01 Scratch, the installation work requires the removing of the back cover. See the Installation Video below.


JDDX2RS Features

* Dual rail 45mm 

* Can be cut at both sides

* Fader mechanism is custom made parts 

* Easy installation possible

* Produced in US California


Disclaimer: We are not responsible for damage of products caused by JDDX2RS installation work. Please do installation work at your own risk.


Approximate Weight 1.0kg

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