NUMARK TTUSB Turntable with USB Port

NUMARK TTUSB Turntable with USB Port
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Belt-drive turntable with USB Audio Interface for direct recording of vinyl onto computer.


Featuring Plug and Play USB compatibility with both PC and Macintosh computers, the TTUSB turntable makes digitizing one’s vinyl record collection a breeze. Equipped with an adjustable anti-skating control for increased stereo balance, support for 33.33 and 45 RPM playback speeds, ± 10% adjustable pitch control, and a 1/8-inch stereo minijack input connector to facilitate the transfer of cassette tapes, Numark’s TTUSB is the perfect tool for digitally archiving one’s record collection. Combined with Audacity’s software (PC and Mac compatible) for removing clicks and other noises, the TTUSB is an easy-to-use, comprehensive solution to the challenge of transferring one’s record collection to a computer or portable music player.

_ Anti-skating control for increased stereo balance
_ Support for both 33.33 and 45 RPM playback speeds
_ ± 10% adjustable pitch control
_ RCA line outputs
_ Plug and Play USB compatibility with both PC and Mac
_ Packaged with all necessary cables to interconnect with both a computer and stereo playback system
_ Ships with Audacity software (compatible with PC and Mac) for removing clicks, pops, and other undesirable characteristics of vinyl
_ Audacity supports high-speed recording, then returns music to original playback speed
_ Audacity software includes ability to export to WAV and MP3

Approximate Weight 15.0kg

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