QSC K Series TOTE Speaker Bags and Covers

QSC K Series TOTE Speaker Bags and Covers


QSC K Series TOTE Speaker Bags and Covers

Keep your QSC K8.2, K10.2, K12.2 speakers or KS212C sub snug in these padded tote bags and covers from QSC


 QSC K Series Speaker Bags and Covers

Protect your QSC K Series speakers and subwoofers with official QSC tote bags and covers. Keep your speakers looking their best when you are transporting them to your performance. These affordable QSC totes are designed for dependable speaker protection.

 Tote Bags for QSC K12, K10 and K8

Sized to fit QSC K Series K8, K10, and K12 speakers, the QSC K Series padded tote bag is a soft, padded tote made with weather-resistant, heavy-duty Nylon/Cordura material. 

 Padded Cover for QSC KS212C Subwoofer

The perfect fit for your KS212C subwoofer, the matching QSC KS212C cover slides over your KS212C as it rolls on its four casters, keeping its corners protected from bumps and scratches with thick padding and heavy-duty Nylon/Cordura.

Approximate Weight 6.0kg

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